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National Spotlight

Financial Resources —Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more

One Square Mile of Hope

Event Raises Funds for Komen Northeastern New York Affiliate

September 24, 2011


One Square Mile of Hope--$80,000 has been raised for the Northeastern New York Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure by One Square Mile of Hope - thanks to all for making this happen!

Adirondack Town of Inlet beats Pittsburgh

A giant mosaic of 1,925 canoes and kayaks filled a corner of Fourth Lake off the shore of the central Adirondack town of Inlet on Saturday, September 24, 2011. The boats vied against Pittsburgh, PA for the Guinness Book of World Records championship title as World’s Largest Floating Raft.

Inlet has about 400 residents; Pittsburgh has 350,000. While the Guinness title winning determination will not be made for months, the Adirondack raft’s boat count was far beyond the Pennsylvania city’s 1,619 boats. David beat Goliath handily.

“When the little town of Inlet decides to win, we do it in a big way,” said Connie Perry, organizer of One Square Mile of Hope, the raft-building event that hosted over 2,200 paddlers in solo and tandem boats from 14 states and Canada. “We had two goals: to raise funds for Susan G. Komen For the Cure for breast cancer”, she said, “and to grab back the Guinness World Record we held three years ago.” In 2008, Inlet grabbed the title with 1,104 boats.

The rules for the Guinness competition are very detailed and include more than just the number of boats. Adele Burnett, Director of Inlet’s Information Office, said that the boat count last Saturday was verified by a simple system that entailed each paddler being handed a numbered sticker before entering the designated area. “We immediately knew there were at least 1,925 boats in the raft”, said Burnett. “So we know for certain that we had far more boats in our raft than Pittsburgh had.” The aerial photos and video will be reviewed by Guinness and an official determination will be made at a later date.

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